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Sunday, May 02, 2004 10:25 am
Email programs
My my, the number of email clients out there are mind boggling. Despite the fact that both Microsoft and Apple include one in their operating systems (and MS including one in their Office for the Mac -- have to cover all bases I suppose).

I still use the old standard Eudora. Works for me, and has some features not seen on any email program. Itching for change though. Eudora seems to be intent on maintaining it's oldey but functional interface. Using Eudora makes me think 3 things:

  1. Man, this interface is so functional, and great features.
  2. Why can't anyone adopt these features and improve on this interface?
  3. Why can't Qualcomm (the Eudora makers) maintain these features, and improve on this interface?
I think there's so much variant in every email program, with different focuses, that some email programs stand out. Others... that just try to emulate the leaders, well… stay as emulators. e.g. of market leaders and their focus:

Entourage: database, with fantastic searching. Calendar integration
PowerMail: multilingual
Mulberry: IMAP
Mail: Cocoa, gorgeous. OS X integration (address book, iChat)
Mailsmith: text management, apparently clever filters. Database based.

“The others” include Gyazmail, Sweetmail… blah.

The fact that Eudora contains about 12 years of my email, in bloody text files, I think is testament to how well thought out it was in that regard. And also shows how the developer is intent on “keeping it running”. Thanks Steve Dorner.

But can you please make it look nicer, and work better with OS X?

I'm on the constant lookout for email programs to replace Eudora. I always go back though. After 1 day or 1 week. Even when using Windows for 3 years, I used Windows Eudora during that time.

Recent tryouts have included Apple Mail, and Mailsmith 2. Mmm… not bad. But not great. I have objections against using Entourage—I think an email program should be updated more frequently than everytime a word processor or spreadsheet program is updated. And PowerMail… can't remember why I didn't stick with it.

That's the other problem with trying out new email programs, is that I can never remember why I didn't like them.

Maybe one day I'll make a list of what I think is “right” about Eudora. In the meantime, I'll make a point to one day... have a look at Thunderbird (or whatever that Mozilla based email program is called).

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