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Wednesday, March 23, 2005 2:36 pm
Ah, finally blogging again. 1 year since the last ...
Ah, finally blogging again. 1 year since the last entry. Lots have happened in that time. Today, I decided to go back to using BlogSpot as a host. I can't be stuffed maintaining a server I suppose. Why not just let Google do it, and for free too. They have been quite perceptive and capable to somehow make it worth their while to run Gmail anyway.

Yea, why not.

I love Gmail. I use it as my primary account now. I wish Gmail would license their underlying technology. I can already see the “Gmail” domain being linked to “free email services” that are routinely blocked when trying to buy stuff off the Internet.

“Free Internet email addresses not accepted”

Ironically, .mac email addresses can be obtained freely; they self expire; but the person who registered it still holds on to the username indefinitely. And, the .mac domain has positive connotations. Unlike Hotmail, Yahoo! accounts etc. Odd.

It'd be nice, if Apple just licensed the Gmail technology and used it for their underlying .mac email accounts. Gmail already does most of what the Apple email service provides. Aside from IMAP. Gmail has a much more robust spam filtering service too. Previously, my wife would check her account, to find crudloads of junk mail. The Apple theory is to filter junk mail only after it has been downloaded via Apple's on Mac OS X. That's fine, but doesn't help frequent users...

Gmail filters on the server. Because it's a web mail service first. Works well for my wife. Surprisingly, it works well for me too.

It means not having to spend $ on SpamSieve, or paid Eudora. It means, someone else does my work for me. Hey, that's fine with me. Furthermore, an online backup, but email still retrievable by POP. Thanks Google. Clever bastards.

I'm used to the Gmail interface now. It's simplicity and logic is incredible. Can't complain of the speed either. I can see why my wife just refuses to use POP mail now. As I said: Clever bastards.

Today Barnes and Noble sent me yet another of their idiotic newsletters. I suppose I say “idiotic” because it's so difficult to get rid of. There's a link at the bottom of the message saying “click here to access your account”. Which I did. Of course, the password I saved in Splash ID doesn't work. So I ask for a password reset. Instead of a straight forward reset like any other company; B&N wants the last few digits of the credit card number they have on file. Er yea.

Otherwise, I can call a USA phone number. Yup: from Australia.

I emailed them to complain. A stock reply back, confirms I need that 5 digit number, or I can call them.

So, I go to my Gmail account. Do a search for “Barnes”. And report all B&N email as spam. I seem to recall Hotmail having a “block sender” feature. However, it topped out at 200 senders or so. And when the spam revolution arrived, it was phased out to make way for a really horrible “report spam” “feature”. Anyway, sidetracked.

Hopefully Gmail will block B&N email as it should now… We'll see.

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