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Thursday, March 24, 2005 1:35 pm
Thank goodness the Apple blogging thing has been resolved
It must have been a slow month for Apple news otherwise. Every news outlet seems to have had it's say as to how Apple should behave towards it's Mac news community. Today however, MacCentral reports that the developer that leaked the Tiger beta has confessed. The developer made a statement, and sounds contrite.

Personally I doubt he would have revealed himself voluntarily if Apple had not brought the web sites to court. The arguments have been made elsewhere ad nauseum:

There is no damage done to Apple, via the leak. Apple's policy on information leaks is too strict anyway. Apple's fansites are run on a shoestring budget, because of love for Apple, and Apple benefits from their efforts. Apple fansites can publish these things, because the American constitution allows them to.

From my POV, a developer made a mistake. The websites should not have published confidential trade information. And if they did not know it was confidential, the websites should have realised it was, once Apple told them the information was obtained in violation of a Non-Disclosure Agreement; and painful as it may be, reveal their source.

Apple has placed itself in a unique position, preferring absolute secrecy for it's product development. I think it is clear from following Macsurfer etc for the last several years, that some leaks are inevitable. Some are even unpreventable. How do you prevent people from circulating the fact that machine X has been declared “End-Of-Life”, for example. When the Apple Bluetooth mouse and keyboard were rumoured, their existence became quite clear when their icons were easily extracted from one of Apple's system updates. Apple is in a position where they want to be in control of all the product announcements. They have that right. But it reflects on the fragility of their business model, I feel.

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