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Wednesday, April 13, 2005 12:02 am
24 Season 4 Episode 17
Wow, episode 17 of 24 was one of the best of the season in recent memory. I suppose the writers do have some interesting stuff in the final 6 hours. Some of the recent hours have seemed like much padding.

Last season, the villain Steven Saunder's mid to end game was quite apparent once it as identified that he had a daughter—hence some pressure point. The ending was “we'll use his daughter for this…”, “we'll use his daughter for that…”. Although the Almeida angle was fun.

This week, the main villain doesn't yet have a loose ends as yet. Maybe Behrooz knocks him out, or steals something he needs… I wonder whether the McClennan-Forrester “defense company” comes back into play. You know how evil corporations can be… starting a shootout in EMP-blackouted L.A.

I thought I heard that the David Caruso/Michael J. Fox/Eric Stoltz-lookalike and his F-117 had been shot down. Thank goodness. That guy was as exciting as sushi. Whatever happened to the Curtis dude (black dude 2nd in command that didn't become head of CTU), and Audrey Raine’s dad? I suppose they went to have a snooze, since it would be “unrealistic” if no one had any downtime/went to the toilet/took a bath… I don't think they moonlighted as surgeons treating Paul Raines. The CTU trauma surgeon/spinal specialist position has already been filled.

I just had to insert a cougar mention right here.

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