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Tuesday, April 19, 2005 8:37 pm
Amnesty Global, right.
This week’s 24 episode features Amnesty Global! An attorney from there prevents CTU from torturing someone. Even funnier, is that the CTU boss dude gets on the phone with a Judge and explains that a suspect is found in the context of finding a missing nuclear warhead, and the judge says that the Patriot Act does not apply… What the president does is unrealistic—anyone knows you can’t organise a meeting in half an hour.

I suppose the creator of the show took the opportunity to demonstrate how the Patriot Act is actually a really warm and fuzzy thing to have. That’s the cynical me. Maybe they actually do want to give us the viewer food for thought. Mmm… or maybe they just wanted to inject some fresh ideas into a tired series.

Funny, I remember “Western Countries” complaining about the Malaysian and Singaporean “Internal Security Act” 10 years ago. Now everyone wants one. Amnesty International and what it stands for just got mocked on television I think. It’s scary how I find that entertaining.

Can’t wait for next week.

“I’m not going upstairs until I know it is safe!”

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