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Friday, April 15, 2005 12:31 pm
Apple’s sales
I haven’t had a good look at Apple’s recently announced numbers yet. The shipped number of Macintoshes is the first thing I look at. Apple hasn’t been able to sell 5 million Macs in a year, for a quite a few years now. Hopefully they will sometime in 2005.

They managed to shift roughly the same number of Macintoshes this quarter, as they did last quarter. Last quarter was special, given that it was an end of year XMas quarter. The current numbers seem to represent the Mac mini maintaining sales numbers rather than dramatically increasing them.

The online news outlets seem to emphasise the comparison with the same quarter last year. I suppose that’s accurate, although coincidentally that comparison provides a nice printable statistic (“xxx% more Macs!”).

To me, as long as Apple keeps shifting more computers—it’s a good thing. The baddish news is that I think the Mac mini is cannibalising sales of the consumer Macintoshes, rather than increase the market. The phrase commonly heard when referring to yesteryear’s Macintosh clones.

Given that Apple has had 10-week waiting lists for the Mac mini, this cannibalising is not a good thing.

Think Secret is reporting new machines, and the word is they might be released next week! Just in time… But… would it benefit Apple if they were officially announced before Tiger, after Tiger, or on 29th April 6 pm? Mmm… the mind boggles.

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