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Sunday, April 17, 2005 4:31 pm
Bittorrent again
This is a followup to the original posting here.

It took me exactly 7 hours to download a 2 GB image file.

Now, if this 2GB represented computer software, would I still be willing to pay full price simply for the privilege of receiving the same thing on a DVD? A DVD that contains an identical set of ones and zeroes as the image file I now have on my hard disk?

If I transferred this image file to a friend, would he/she/it be tempted to pay full price for a DVD before being “allowed” to use this software? I doubt it.

I have a 1.5 kbit/s download via ADSL—by no means the fastest connection in Australia. ADSL2+ has just been announced and touted by at least 3 broadband Internet Service Providers now. Someday, 2GB downloads will be… Pfft. Nothing. With 400GB hard disks, and large pipes, the future is downloading. 4–5 hours of letting the computer do its work. No need for driving around, parking, calling ahead to check stock and so on. Instant gratification.

Software companies—get smart about selling software now. Get your software into as many hands as possible, using whatever means available. Then sell licenses over the Internet instead. Hopefully by the time Mac OS X 10.5 is released, digital distribution of large images will be the norm.

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