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Friday, April 08, 2005 6:00 pm
Mac mini shipping delays
The delays in Mac mini shipping doesn’t seem to be in the news much.

The situation in Australia is pretty bad, judging from this thread on AppleTalk Australia—a Macintosh fan site. I can only describe 10 weeks on the waiting list as “sucks ass big time”.

Even more aggravating is that some people have to pay upfront when placing their order. Apple should not be rewarded for this type of behaviour.

IMHO, every day after a computer is released, is a day closer to when it will be superseded, hence the value of the computer drops daily; whether it’s in your hands or not.

The only plus point is hopefully Apple is shipping a super incredible amount of these in the States, making it physically impossible for them to ship Australia’s. The breakdown in numbers will be interesting to see.

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