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Sunday, April 17, 2005 11:09 am
My own boring blog
The Straits Times—much loved Singapore broadsheet—reported on a Singapore scholar posting racist comments on his blog. This was much discussed on, and a 2nd site which seems to have removed much of their comments—so not linked.

It’s quite eye-opening, flipping through archives of his blog though, as to how much people feel compelled to put their whole lives and thoughts onto blogs… Yes, and how capital letters and punctuation need not apply on blogs. I just had to add these here: ~~. It’s not a blog if you don’t ~~ have ~~ these ~~.

I don’t particularly feel that this dude's thoughts are unusually uncommon, from what I recall being in Singapore for 7 years (12 years ago). The people I knew who were Chinese mixed mostly/only with Chinese. They were indoctrinated that Singapore is the success story of South East Asia, surrounded by Muslim countries. Their exposure to other races within their own country was minimal. Derogatory comments get surreptitiously passed all the time. But dude keep these sorts of thoughts in the master race of your own mind. To write them down is a bit stupid. To type them up in public is idiocy. One word: PWN3D!

Just take a look carefully at the reaction in the Straits Times article: the remarks were racist. But his friends and dad say he isn’t.

Remarks can exhibit innate racism than the writer did not have, see…?

My own blog is so much duller… :(

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