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Friday, April 15, 2005 5:58 pm
Think Secret… made stronger
It looks like Think Secret—one of the 3 websites involved in the Apple/Asteroid lawsuit—has gained instant notoriety and credibility. Think Secret has got some things right recently. They did get the April 1st Tiger release date wrong. Oh yes, the Pope did die then… 

Think Secret's brush with Apple seems to have bought it some street credibility. Posters in the online discussion in the days running up to April 1st were brimming with confidence of the April 1st date. Now that Think Secret has posted more rumours of Apple's upcoming hardware, more fan sites have referenced to them again—sometimes verbatim.

Insanely Great Macintosh
Mac Rumors

Almost all of whom start with: ThinkSecret cites ”highly reliable“ sources to…”

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