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Wednesday, April 13, 2005 10:01 am
Tiger system requirements
Ah, another day, another… but no, the Tiger’s release announcement dominates the online chatter.

Apple’s official system requirements are listed here. Just a summary of my additional thoughts system requirements:
  1. FireWire is required. The last Macintosh that shipped without FireWire was one of the iMac G3s that were end-of-lifed in February 2001 (maybe).
  2. For some reason the Pismo is left off Apple's chart (same link as the one above)
  3. iChat AV 3 has a different set of system requirements that I was unaware of. A chart can be seen here. The one that particular affected me was the Dual G4/G5 needed for initiating a multi-party chat. A 300+ kbit/s upload speed is also required. Looks like no PowerBook on the universe (outside Infinite Loop) will initiate multi-party chats in the year 2005. Ah well…
  4. Mac OS X does not support processor upgrade cards! For a while now, Apple has made sure their computers are not processor upgradeable. From memory, the last one worth mentioning was for Power Macintosh G4 sold 2 years ago. Processor upgrade companies tout their “full Mac OS X” compatibility frequently. I wonder how this changes things.
  5. WWDC is chock full of Tiger workshops, so there is no way 10.5 will be announced there. 10.4 will have to keep us happy for a while. It’s hard to believe that Panther will no longer be the cutting edge. :(
The online chatter is again hilarious. Mostly with regards to the FireWire requirement. Although there was this forum speculating about the Tiger’s DVD drive requirement. Again proving my previous point about impossible online discussion.

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