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Thursday, May 19, 2005 10:35 am
24 finale in 5 days time
Thank goodness Season 4 of 24 is ending soon. I haven't particularly enjoyed this season. The first 6 hours, and last 5–6 hours have been OK. But the “midgame” has been quite bad. What was all that about the McLennan-Forrester company bosses who started a firefight with Jack Bauer downtown? Are they going to pop up in the finale? Or just a plot device to get Paul Raines dead?  

And what about having Erin Driscoll to start the season purely as a seat warmer the seat for Michelle (setting up the Tony-Michelle non-existent-tension)… and Buchanan around to be the “tough”… and the Buchanan-Almeida rivalry that isn't. What about the torture of Sarah? And the China consulate invasion/investigation/Bern recognition—just another plot device?

I suspect the last 2 hours will be devoted to the Almeida killing, missile downing, and possibly a Mandy-Jack show down of some sort. Leaving the McLennan-Forrester, China, Amnesty Global (!) threads unresolved by the end of the season.
The writers of 24 have much more freedom than those in other television series. Massive numbers of plot devices can be used, with seemingly no repercussions. The above issues will probably have a mention (if that) in Season 5 as “been fixed”. In the current season, they are just “filler material”.

All a bit silly really. There might be debate as to the merits of Season 1, 2, 3. But Season 4 makes them all look good.

And where is newly orphaned Behrooz, who had a transmitter excised from his scalp? No urgency in his solving his abduction I'm sure.

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