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Tuesday, May 17, 2005 11:22 am
Bloggers vs Journalists
Looks like Apple is ahead of the game again—although not in an exciting positive way. The lawsuit against Think Secret which I thought was about trade secrets eventually became spun as a David vs Goliath thing, and eventually also somehow exploded into the mainstream as a bloggers vs journalists issue. Prior to that of course, the Macintosh news sites (which I think preceded blogging), were already constantly being threatened for revealing screenshots of software and hardware in development.

Since the Think Secret suit, there has been the Singapore blogger thing that was picked up and reported in the Straits Times—Singapore mainstream newspaper (paid subscription needed). Looks like the threat of lawsuits has affected the Singapore blogosphere. The site in question is still shut down.

And now Australia's Mediawatch has highlighted a blogger vs journalist thing in the Janet Albrechtsen/Wall Street Journal/Opinion Journal/Arthur Chrenkoff issue here and here. And roped in Rupert Murdoch as well.

It's a bit repetitive really—the arguments always seem quite similar—freedom of speech, opinion, censorship, bias, influence, accountability blah di blah. Supporters on either side making impassioned arguments with all sorts of points of views. Googling for blogging journalist reveals that this issue has been going on for years. I'm sure there'll be more of this coming up. Now that Rupert Murdoch has said “blog”, the topic of blogging can only become bigger. And murkier.

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