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Monday, May 16, 2005 11:58 pm
Will the real Shayne Hatfield please stand up?
One of the people implicated in the Australian Police drug crackdown Operation Mocha, is Shayne Desmond Hatfield.

A Google search of “Shayne Hatfield” reveals a link to the Line Up Surf Australia website (now defunct).

But a Google cache is here.

The Shayne Hatfield on Line Up Surf Australia, seems like a nice guy.

His “Likes” include “…Money…” which is good. His “Dislikes” include “…drugs; alcohol; dishonest people.

And: “…Be true to yourself - stay away from drugs and alcohol - remember you are important and worth of the best life has to offer.

What a coincidence, that 2 people with the same name, and age, in the same Australian state, are poles apart.


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