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Monday, May 02, 2005 1:29 am
Hi Definition trailers of Kingdom of Heaven and others
I'm not too keen on the new Ridley Scott movie Kingdom of Heaven. The subject matter doesn't appeal to me; and lots of people charging at each other with medieval weapons doesn't do much for me. Movies I have previously seen like this one include:
(Yes, thank goodness I skipped Alexander.)

Other movies have similar fantastical themes: e.g. Gladiator, Starship Troopers, Attack of the Clones
CGI dudes fighting CGI dudes with a whole lot of bad actors (pretenders, really) prancing around, buffed up with period costume—who knows if they are accurate—and around green screens. Where's the excitement in that? What next? Hannibal…? Oh yea.

Black Hawk Down, at least that had people acting as kids, behaving like kids.
I have to say though that the new high definition trailer on Apple's website is breathtaking on few levels. First the quality is jaw-dropping. It does look a little too pristine maybe. It reminded me a little when the first time computer games moved from VGA to SVGA. e.g. some in-game shots of Wing Commander IV and System Shock. VGA at the time was a little faster, and blurrier. Sometimes the SVGA versions of the same thing just looked too—sterile.
The second thing about the KOH trailer: the scenes are unbelievable. Scenes of fire rocks being tossed about, quiet scenes in the forest, battle scenes.
Third thing, is the excellent music. At least until the electric guitar came on. Having that in the final movie—can't do wonders for suspension of disbelief. Although imagine it being a good idea.
Fourth is a negative: Killer overuse of the fade-to-black. Turn-off! Bad bad.
Fifth: Why does Liam Neeson keep acting as the same character: Gui-Gon Jinn in Phantom Menace, Henri Ducard in Batman Begins, and now whatever in Kingdom of Heaven. Not one of my favourite actors.
By comparison, the Batman Begins trailer looked a little tame. I've seen the Batman origin story once in a movie now, and in several comics, all in one form or another. It is easier to see in full high definition glory that Katie Holmes' lopsided smile is “Right corner up, left corner down”. Can you say “Annoying”! I'm excited about Gary Oldman as the the future police commissioner though.
On the whole, curiously, I'm more tempted to see Batman Begins that KOH on the big screen. Maybe just to stick to what I know. I think I'll end up watching both on DVD.

High definition! I have seen it, and I can't wait.

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