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Saturday, May 07, 2005 3:36 am
More Singapore blogging furore
My Firefox bookmarks menu frequently scrolls beyond a single screen, and defies organisation—sickening. Occasionally I take a peek at my Firefox history to see which links will be expiring soon. Like life, History expiration is forever.

I wandered into the Singapore Palm User Groups forums to catch up on the PSC scholar racist blog issue (my earlier comments). Ooh, it looks like it only took me 10+ days to find out that something newer has happened. A legal threat has been made against a Singaporean who broke his PSC scholarship—effectively shutting him up for now. After scrolling through what exactly did happen: this looks like the best summary.

Despite the blog disappearing act, another site has an email that tells the bloggers side. Looks like it ain't over yet. Emotionally, Acid.Flask has my vote. This feels like the Apple vs blog/O'Reilly of recently.

Good luck in your exams Mr Flask :). Not only Apple behaves like Apple.

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