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Tuesday, May 24, 2005 8:21 pm
I saw Revenge of the Sith on the Friday (20th May 2005, 4 days ago). For some reason, it is so hard to write a review of. I thought it was an awful movie, but can’t seem to express just why it is so bad. IMHO there are so many mediocre movies out there, that my expectations have been watered down. Or maybe it is because Phantom Menace and Clones were horrible by themselves.

I wanted to write a proper critique, given that the rating on IMDb (as of 24th May) is 8.2/10—obviously a whole bunch of people disagree with me.

As always, at least there’s the original (original original i.e. not DVD, not special edition) trilogy to fall back on.

Can’t wait to watch the finale of 24. That’s another disappointment. From Fox too.

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