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Monday, May 30, 2005 8:34 pm
What does boycotting Bali mean anyway? Slactivism…
This dude Jeff Seemann wants to be a congressman (?) in 2006. He has written about the SC case, at length. And in the middle of his post says he will do everything he can to help Corby. And will start by boycotting Bali. Boycotting Bali has become a common war cry on the Internet. must have the prize for the most to-the-point domain name on this subject.

I believe everyone can decide how to spend their own $—that’s fair enough. I live in Australia, and have never been to Bali, nor am keen to. I travel lots to Malaysia. Bali sounds quite similar, but more touristy. Not my cup of tea. I’m guessing that most people—most travelers even—on the planet haven’t been to Bali either.

My point is, it is actually quite easy to boycott Bali. For most people it means you don’t buy an flight ticket and fly over there. It’s not like Bali manufactures anything that you can buy in the shops around the world. Boycotting Bali is really small effort on one’s part.

So, all these SC supporters who announce that they are boycott Bali—are doing this, wow, drastic thing, which doesn’t take up any effort at all. Whoop de doo. This is such slactivism at work.

On the Internet forums, when the topic is raised of boycotting Qantas and Brisbane [and/or] Sydney airports, there is a muted response. Why? Is it because of a silent admission that maybe the baggage-handler/airport security theory is suspect? Or is it because Australians who consider such a move will find it actually affects their life? Is it because it is actually more work to go picket Brisbane Airport and avoid Qantas, than to boycott Bali? I suspect so.

It’s harder to boycott Nike—widely thought to have sweatshops in Indonesia—than to boycott Bali.

I’m strongly boycotting the Isle of Wight, for no particular reason. I can be the world’s top Isle of Wight boycotter by sitting on my ass all day.

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