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Thursday, June 09, 2005 12:53 am
Apple and Intel… hooray
Back from hiatus. Of course Apple had to make a major chip move while I was playing LAN Halo 2, away from decent Internet access. My panicked dad and brother managed to contact me about Apple’s move… slightly anxious themselves.

I’m on the whole quite excited about Apple’s shift to Intel. The Apple and WinTel machines started out worlds apart but have become more similar over time—mostly when Apple made their machines more compatible with industry standards. Adoption of USB, PCI, VGA/DVI , IDE were not decisions made on a whimsy, and have on the whole been positive moves—Mac users now have access to cheap PC-based peripherals that 10 years ago they did not.

The transition of chips would be technically a different thing altogether. But this time:
So, kudos kudos kudos to the Apple team for having the brains to recognise their microprocessor problem, and the balls to make a change. Now is a good opportunity, and it’s going to be quite a ride.

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