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Friday, June 03, 2005 9:07 pm
The Machinist (short without many spoilers)
There’s something annoying about movies that employ a single gimmicks. e.g. computer generated characters in Phantom Menace (aargh), and Lord of the Rings (not too bad); Bullet-Time in The Matrix (excellent); Tom Hank’s character change in the middle of CastAway (quite average).

In the case of The Machinist it was Christian Bale’s slimness skeletalness. Yikes, he was thin. His figure went a long way to making his character Trevor Reznick materialise. When Trevor Reznick runs, I couldn’t tell whether his odd gait was Christian Bale’s acting or a physical defect. When he slopes around during the movie, he sure looks the pitiful bastard. The entire performance is quite decent, but I’m not sure he (or anyone) would have pulled it off without the extreme makeover. The end result is memorable.

His appearance also added to the overall high creepiness-factor of the entire movie. The story is a further exploration of the “twist” that has become a bit overused. I did enjoy the experience, and haven’t actually figured it totally out—a bit like yet another movie called Mulholland Drive(highlight to see). Not quite as strange.

So, one to watch if you’re in the mood for an eerie mysterious experience, that isn’t a horror movie. Aside from one skeleton figure.

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