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Sunday, June 12, 2005 12:52 am
Movies, and costs
A movie ticket where I live costs $13.50. Cheaper for kids, students, pensioners, senior citizens, and on Tuesdays.

Still, a movie experience would cost $27 for a couple, excluding food, petrol and parking. Add in extra time for driving and hunting for a parking spot. And the experience is variable, mostly depending on the crowd (e.g. talking, feet, movement and mobile phones…), and on the rare occasion due to technical faults.

3 years ago, I purchased a reasonable widescreen television, DVD player and a very ordinary home theatre system for A$3000. So… $3000÷$27≈ 111 movies. I probably would have got the $ back in cinema tickets by the end of the 4th year. Although there have been occasions when we had company over, or we watched the same movie twice, or separately. And several occasions when we paused the movie to go to the bathroom. And we never get tempted to buy popcorn or soft drinks when we are at home.

Not to mention the fact that we (used to) use the same television to watch free to air television (i.e. Schapelle Corby’s trial and verdict); and 24 episodes obtained through dodgy means. And play Halo 2 (with Dolby 5.1 sound).

However keep in mind the $ required to borrow/buy/drive to get DVDs… and electricity.

A comparable home theatre system costs much less today, and prices are always dropping. Television screens get larger, with increasing quality too.

With these sorts of calculations, the IMHO worsening quality of movies, the incessant rise in cinema ticket prices—I wonder if the cinema experience for “big” movies is soon doomed. We are members of the local film society—mostly arty films.

I suppose there’r always the kids and lovebirds who want to get out of the house.

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