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Saturday, June 11, 2005 1:10 am
New PowerBook 12"; purchase
I got a call yesterday afternoon from an ex-classmate who was standing outside an AppleStore, asking for final advice before buying a PowerBook 12";. She actually appreciated Apple’s product line simplicity (i.e. lack of choice), and knew which machine she wanted.

The thought of letting her know about the Intel-Apple lovefest crossed my mind; but I decided against mentioning it. My advice was simply: avoid build-to-order, try all AppleStores to see if there are any that have the machine in stock ready to take away, consider AppleCare, get RAM now if cheap, otherwise, later is OK (all laptops come with 512MB RAM). And get a combined receipt to claim on tax/salary packaging.

4 hours later, she called back to say she was home, and happy with the machine, and could I help her out with some computer-issues… She was a HP laptop convert, and this was her first Mac.

I suppose the crux of this tale is that (I think) for much of the population, issues like the new MacIntel debate etc… aren’t real dealbreakers when buying a Macintosh today. The current line of PowerBooks are purty good machines after all. And I’m cautiously confident that Apple will continue to support them. It’s really a minority of the ”In-The-Know“ that carry out this endless debate.

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