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Friday, June 03, 2005 12:11 am
Terrorism or not?
In an earlier post, I mentioned that SC would be linked to “the first such terrorist attack on Australian soil”.

Now that the “biological substance” has been found to not be harmful, is it still terrorism though? Despite posts like these on Whirlpool, I’m having 2nd thoughts.

Bomb threats when I was in university in 1996 weren’t uncommon. Some police person would interrupt a lecture, and ask us to look under our chairs and in the lecture theatre looking for suspicious packages. Close by to telephones there were charts listing questions to ask callers that call through a bomb threat: “Where is the bomb?”, “What time does it go off?”, “What does it look like?”, “Did you put the bomb there?”… that sort of thing. Are false bomb threats in a university or on a plane terrorist activities?

This particular threat against the Indonesian embassy was particularly notable, because it was the first time I knew of anthrax usable as a weapon in Australia, and also because of the undercurrent of Corby-related hypersensitivity between each Australia and Indonesia.

But I think I’ll change my mind about calling it terrorism now. No wonder the government avoided the phrase last night. Clever bastards.

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