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Wednesday, August 10, 2005 1:05 am
360 envy
It’s August now, which means it’s time to think of Christmas presents. Actually no. It is a little early, and I don’t do Christmas ± presents anyway.

The Apple iPod has been the darling of XMas gifts for the last 2 years now. This year, if both the iPods and iPod mini go colour, that is likely to continue. XMas 2005 should be a windfall period for Apple and the iPod peripheral makers. There isn’t much on the MP3 player front offering a serious retail challenge. There is the PSP and a new video-capable thingamajig from Creative that looks… not bad.

Microsoft is wisely not highlighting the portable MP3 fight though—they have the awesome-looking XBox 360 primed for a November release. There is quite significant interest, judging from online comments—some of it possibly viral marketing. The three-way gaming console market is filled with a fanboys so the potential market is already there. I’m not going to be in line to buy one off the shelves—I’ll leave that to the younger generation of gamers—although I will be watching intently from the sidelines. Maybe when Halo 3 is released… XBox Live with XBox 360 looks particularly droolworthy. I have to say too: that the XBox 360 release is probably going to be on time, and create excitement: more so than Windows Vista.

Today, someone pointed me towards which I took a peek at. It does look like a nice pre-packaged blog/homepage—definitely less flashy than MSN Spaces was. It’s interesting to see how Yahoo! has returned to what used to be Geocities specialty. I haven’t created a serious page on that Yahoo 360, but I’m tempted to give it a whirl.

What I was really wondering was—360? What’s with the adoption the “360” moniker by both Yahoo! and Microsoft at the same time? Both products are probably in markets sufficiently different to avoid lawsuits and the like. I thought numbers had fallen out of favour since the Intel 80486.

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