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Friday, August 12, 2005 12:46 pm
Mighty response to Apple’s mouse
It’s been 10 days since Apple released the Mighty Mouse—their multi-button mouse adaptation. Since then some have bought it or tried it out, and there have been endless comments e.g.
“It doesn’t click!”, “Yes it does”, “No it doesn’t”, “YES IT DOES!”.
“It has a speaker!”
“Right click doesn’t work!”, “Yes it does”, “No it doesn’t”, “JUST LIFT YOUR FINGER OFF THE LEFT BUTTON!”
“The scroll ball isn’t configurable!”
And probably the most idiotic (also heard on the engadget podcast):
“Why isn’t it available in Bluetooth?”
Yikes. There are a myriad of multibutton mice out there. Why is a newly released wired multibutton mouse receiving this sort of attention? People are buying the Mighty Mouse sight unseen (and at premium prices too), and then complaining about this and that feature. Is this irrational or what?

And there isn’t a Bluetooth version because the wired version will give Apple a chance to tweak the hardware design before committing to a more pricey wireless version. AND some of those impulse buyers who bought the wired Mighty Mouse—will go out to buy the wireless one anyway. See, it didn’t take long to figure that out.

Should the Mighty Mouse be bundled with Apple’s machines then? USB multibutton mice are a commodity item. There’s no shortage of choice for 3rd party multibutton mice (my preferences is the MX series from Logitech). And I suspect a not insignificant number of people have spare unused USB multibutton mice lying around the house.

On the other hand, Apple has a stranglehold on the one-button mouse (1BM) market. And the 1BM has its benefits—I certainly preferred a 1BM when teaching my mum and dad how to use the computer. No chance of pressing the whole mouse button there.

Given the tangible benefits that a 1BM offers to some, and the wide range of cheap multi-button mice out there, I hope the Mighty Mouse does not become the default mouse bundled with Apple’s machines.

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