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Thursday, September 08, 2005 8:29 am
iPod nano. Appropriate in these times?
I just got off the couch, watching Steve Jobs giving his Special Music Presentation, during which he announced the new iPod nano, among other things.

I suspect Apple chose the “nano” moniker, so that the iPod mini can be reintroduced later, after the first-nano-adopters have had their fill, and due to “overwhelming customer demand”.

Secondly, I like Madonna.

Thirdly, I can’t help but wonder whether Apple has misjudged the mood of the market this time. The presentation was probably planned many weeks ago, and had several guest speakers. But is this really the right time for a big splashy launch of a new digital music player? It didn’t help that his co-announcers from Motorola and cingular weren’t as polished as Steve usually is.

After announcing the new ROKR phone, and the new iPod nano, Steve Jobs says that the most important thing is “the music”. I think he meant lives and homes. As we enter the Christmas quarter, America faces the double-whammy of a cataclysm and skyrocketing petrol prices. Ostentatious displays of materialism is the unnecessary.

Apple’s in the big leagues of music now. Unfortunately it shows. Disappointing.

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