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Sunday, October 30, 2005 11:41 pm
Ecto and updates
One of the reasons I took a month’s hiatus from blogging was that I could no longer stand the little idiosyncrasies of Ecto—my primary blogging software.

Ecto (on Mac OS X) is bloody wonderful. I wouldn’t have blogged for long without it. It has really insulated me from the continuing developments in various blogging platforms.

But the rich text formatting editing portion of Ecto gets on my nerves big time. Text entry is OK. But simple things like bullet lists, and even italics (!!?) sometimes gets re-rendered horrendously.

The easy solution would be to wait till Ecto was updated. Ecto’s developer (Adriaan) seems quite cluey, and in the past updates to Ecto have been frequent and plentiful.

To my horror, Ecto wasn’t updated at all while I was away!

The harder, and probably more rewarding solution would be to delve into the intricacies of HTML and not rely on Ecto so much for that. While I was at it, I could pick up CSS, and maybe work on my embarrassing blog layout, yada yada. I could do that.

I have heard that Ecto is going to receive a major update to its Rich Text engine—which I’m inferring to mean that it will be linked to Apple WebKit. It’s usually the case that software developers start to neglect updating their software (usually in a functional state though) when they try to solve a Gordian Knot.

I hope this is the case. Cross fingers: hopefully this new version will even be free.

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