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Sunday, October 30, 2005 3:15 pm
iTunes Music Store in Oz
Finally, the iTMS is available in Australia. Although it does seem a little too much like a “foreign” product. The price is a little higher than the American site. And the catalog is skimpier.

The Batman Begins soundtrack (Warner Music?), at least, wasn’t available on iTMS Australia yet.

It’s in Apple’s interest to have the widest possible song range on iTMS as possible, and to keep iTMS song prices as low as possible, so as to spread the FairPlay love—my guess is that the discrepancy between countries is a record industry invention. Hopefully the iTMS continues to improve over time.

Apple did make a supremely clever deal to sell iTMS coupons through the Coles-Myer network—which has a massive chain of stores throughout Australia. This not only makes it easy for anyone to buy coupons; when I picking up some groceries, I actually saw some Apple silhouette advertising at the checkout. I never thought I’d see that day.

An alternative exists for the Australian iTMS: which is to use the USA iTMS instead. All that is needed is for someone who uses the USA iTMS (who has a US credit card on file with Apple), to email an Australian an iTMS electronic music voucher. With that, the Australian can open a USA iTMS account without a credit card. but requiring a USA mailing address.

USA iTMS credit can be purchased readily on eBay. It may even be possible to skip step 1, buy obtaining a voucher from eBay first up…

This has been working quite well. And if it violates some law… I’m not exactly remorseful.

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