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Tuesday, November 08, 2005 11:08 pm
Wow. Adam Curry goes 100% podsafe
Today is a historic day of sorts. On Daily Source Code #275, Adam Curry declares that he will only play podsafe music on his podcast. Apparently the recording industry cabal have been nipping at his heels for a while now.

I say good for you Adam. Good for you podcasting in general. And good for you: recording industry. Their position on this issue: whether commercial music can be played on podcasts, in any form, has not been publicised until now. And the recording industry has every right to protect the million-song archive that they have accumulated over the years.

But I think that by employing their traditional strong arm tactics the recording industry have shot themselves in the foot this time. There has to better ways that this problem could be solved more amicably.

As if as a pre-emptive strategy, Podcasters have helped created a viable alternative source of music, namely the Podsafe Music Network—i.e. music licensed via Creative Commons. Some of this music is of very high quality. And now that commercial music is no longer going to be played on podcasts, it is likely that vacuum will be filled with podsafe music. And there is only so much music I can listen to, in 24 hours.

Of course I will always have the urge to occasionally listen to songs from the copyrighted million-dollar music archive. There are legal means for whetting that appetite. But for new and unfamiliar tracks, podsafe music fits the bill just as well as commercial music does.

Traditional media bastions have been challenged for years, more so in the digital age. Some examples: newspapers vs blogs, open source software, fan fiction, home-filmed/edited/produced movies vs traditional Hollywood, podcasts vs radio, CDs and DVDs vs MPEG, time-shifting, ad-removal and so on. In most (not all) of these cases, there is still the reliance, or addiction to, copyrighted materials.

The Podsafe Music Network circumvents copyright issues, and the tedium of DRM, DMCA, legal issues etc. Now, granted a monopoly on podcasts, podsafe music may not so much challenge a major bastion, but make it much less relevant.

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